Saturday, March 2, 2013

Look for me during Pet Week!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. I guess the holidays and day job have kept me busier than I realized. Well, I’m about to come out of hiding for a short time, to support a great cause and do something I really love: talk about my cats.

This week is Pet Week, where a group of bloggers are hosting guest blogs to help out Paws with a Cause, a group that trains Assistance Dogs nationally for people with disabilities and provides lifetime team support which encourages independence. (I copied that line from their site, since they said it better than I could.)  I may be a cat person, but they’re doing great work for both dogs and people. Help them out if you can! As someone with vision issues, I’m grateful there are organizations like this out there to help if the worst ever happens. (Knock on wood that it doesn’t.)

On March 7, I will have a guest blog over at Bitten By Paranormal Romance. They’re a great blog about – you guessed it – paranormal romances. And I’m not just saying that because they gave Destined a 5-star review. (Though I can’t deny it helps. :D) My guest blog will be about my four cats and how they came to live with us. Here’s a photo as a little teaser (and to show how adorable they are).

How can you resist those cute little things?

I’ll post here again with a link to my guest blog on the 7th, but in the meantime, go check out the other guests this week, and follow the links to some of the other blogs hosting Pet Week. It’s for a good cause, and really, can anyone have too many stories about cute animals?