Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's hot

I know it's summer, and it's pretty much hot everywhere (unless you're in the Southern Hemisphere, that is), but I live in Florida, where it is really hot. According to the Weather Channel's site, it's 88 degrees with 49% humidity, but I swear, it feels hotter than that. Maybe it's the heat of the sun beating down? I don't know, I only know that it's HOT. The highs this week are forecast anywhere from 91-95, and with humidity and whatnot, the heat index (aka "feels like") tends to be a few degrees above that. So we could be nearing heat indexes of 100 later in the week. And it's still only June. Ugh. In the winter, I love it here. I grew up near Chicago, and I do not miss those winters AT ALL. The summers, on the other hand, can get pretty miserable here. The price we pay for mild winters, I suppose. Though this past winter was hardly mild. We had a few big cold snaps (low 20s sometimes) that killed a lot of the plants. Yards looked awfully sad for a while there.

Despite the heat, which tends to make me feel limp and lifeless, I did accomplish one thing today: I went to the library and checked out a bunch more books.  I was getting low: I only had 3 left to read. Well, 3 from the library. My TBR pile is teetering around 30 right now, I think. I don't need more library books, but I can't help myself. Libraries are my crack. I walk in and my eyes kind of glaze over and the next thing I know, I have a stack of books in my arms, despite only going there to return something, or pick up something I had on hold (which was today's case - the new Laurell K. Hamilton book was in). I went for one, walked out with 5. Good thing I read quickly. Unfortunately, that's about the only productive thing I managed, other than a quickie design job I did before the library trip.

I have anywhere from two to eight weeks to wait for the responses (if I get any) from my agent queries to come in. I told myself that in that time, I would do something useful and open up one of my other completed novels (I have 2 besides the one I'm querying) and start editing/revising it. I'd like to have another one in the wings in case this one doesn't get any interest. Or even if it does, it might be good to be able to tell my potential agent that I have more than just one novel ready to go. One of the other finished ones is the start to a series, which I know a lot of publishers like. And the other could be stand-alone or a series, depending on how I end it. I'm still going back and forth with that one. I like the characters and the world enough that I kind of want it to keep going beyond the one book, but it works well as a single title, too. Eh. No need to fret over that just yet. I'm getting waaaay ahead of myself. Point is, I have other books I could focus on while I wait, but my focus seems to have withered in the heat. Bleh.

Maybe I'll call it a day and go watch last night's Glee finale. There's always tomorrow, right?

I think Princess best expresses how I'm feeling lately:


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