Saturday, August 6, 2011

Now for the not-as-fun part

I have my print version finally done. I changed my mind a few times regarding trim size and margins, so ended up re-formatting more than I’d have liked. But I finally have it where I want it, and it’s looking good. Which means I’m finally ready to get going on the actual publishing.

Before I do anything with the ebooks, I wanted to get things started with CreateSpace and get a proof on its way to me. And now I’ve hit a bit of a wall, because I’ve come up to the ISBN portion of the process, and I’m confused.

Originally, I was going to get the $10 custom ISBN, so I wouldn’t have to have CreateSpace listed as my publisher/printer. I wanted my own name, or a publishing company imprint name I made up, to be listed. I thought this would make it less obvious that I was self-publishing, and would just look more professional. But then I started reading around, and discovered that you can’t just make up an imprint name and use it: you have to actually set up a company. That could be a complicated process, even if I only do it as a sole propietorship, so I’m hesitant. On the other hand, I do plan on publishing more books in the future, so it might not be bad to have an imprint set up. I think I have to do more research on what’s involved in my state to do all of that.  So once again, my momentum has stalled.

I’m also going to have to do more ebook research on using an imprint there. If I do set something up, then I’ll want it listed on all versions of my book, naturally. I’m not sure how Amazon and B&N deal with that. (I’ve decided against using Smashwords. The only downside I can find to not using them, so far, is getting into the iBookstore. I don’t have a Mac, and SW looks to be the only other way to get a book in there. But I’ll worry about that later.)

Anyone else out there have experience with using their own publishing imprint to self-publish? This is all making my head hurt!


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