Sunday, July 24, 2011

Momentum stalled

Last week, I was really moving along. I had my Kindle formatting done, my ePub created and ready for a quick scan, I’d created a Facebook page and even finished and uploaded my web site. The only thing left, for the most part, was starting the print version. I was hoping to get that done this week and maybe, finally, start getting serious about setting a release date.

Unfortunately, all that momentum ground to a halt due to a family emergency, which is why I’ve been so quiet everywhere. My mother went into the hospital and needed surgery, which she finally got on Friday. She’s recovering now, and we’re hoping she can come home next week. Crisis averted, but it’s going to take a little more time for things to get back to normal. My day job will at least get a little less crazy next week, since the manager I was covering for finally returns from his vacation on Tuesday. So maybe once we get into August I can get back to my old routine and get to work on that pesky print book.

I’m unwinding today by going to see the Harry Potter movie in between hospital visits. Maybe it will help lower the stress a little.


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