Sunday, July 17, 2011

This is where I start to freak out

I did it. I finished the website and uploaded it to the server. It’s live, which means there’s no turning back now. The blurb for DESTINED is up, along with the first chapter (I plan to add the next two in the future), so I can’t chicken out and not publish now.

*deep breath*

I can do this. I believe in my book, and I believe there are others out there who will enjoy it as much as I do. My biggest concern is that people will read the blurb and think, “Vampires on the Titanic? What the hell?” DESTINED is really more a time travel romance set on the Titanic than a vampire book, but the vampires are there. Then again, vampires on the Titanic interests me, so I can’t be the only one out there!

Going live with the site also means I’ve settled on my cover, whether I knew it or not. Heh. I have a bad habit of tweaking things to death, so this is good for me.

So go check it out: And when you’re done with that, head over to my shiny new Facebook Fan Page and like me. (There is no way to say that without sounding needy, is there?)


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