Monday, April 23, 2012

Ruby's Birthday Book Giveaway - Let's try this again

Confession time: I feel like an idiot. I'm new to this whole author thing, and even newer to the various methods of promotion. I signed up back in March to be a part of the Ruby's Reads Giveaway Hop for her birthday this month. I was excited to be doing my first giveaway hop, and it was even better because it happened during the Titanic anniversary!

Here's where I'm the idiot: having never done one of these before, I misunderstood how they worked. I thought that my giveaway would be hosted on Ruby's blog at some point during the hop, and was waiting patiently for instructions on how this would happen. Not wanting to be a nag or a pest, I didn't bug her about it once the hop started, thinking I should be patient and wait for my turn. What I didn't realize was that the giveaway for Destined was supposed to be hosted on MY blog, and was supposed to be there for the duration of her hop. Color me incredibly embarrassed.

So, now that I finally understand how this works, one day before the hop ends, I'm feeling pretty stupid. I'm putting up the entry now for Destined, and will extend the deadline so that it has the full 12 days everyone else's giveaway had. Please forgive me in my error. Like I said, I'm new at this. :)

Rules of the giveaway are pretty simple. If you live in the US or Canada, you will get a paperback copy of Destined. If you live in any other country, I will substitute an ebook copy, format of your choosing. Good luck, and many, many apologies again for my error!

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  1. Looking forward to reading your book. I hope to win but will buy it if I don't. If you need great children's books I sell some. go to
    Good Luck

  2. This book sounds great!!! I love that it takes place on the Titanic, and it has a vampire hunter!!! I would love to read the book, thanks for the chance to win it!!!

  3. I'm so thrilled we have a chance to win a copy of your book Allison and don't worry about the mix up. It happens to the best of us :D

  4. Oh bummer, I was so thrilled you were offering a paperback copy, that I didn't see that it was for US or Canada readers only, which sucks for me cause I'm in Australia and since I cant read ebooks because they give me horrific migraines. I'm going to have to miss out and not enter this time :(

  5. I'm sorry about that, Natasha. :( I had to keep the costs down shipping-wise, so I had hoped offering an ebook as an alternate would help. I understand, though. I have bad eyes myself, so the only way I can read ebooks comfortably is on a Kindle.