Monday, April 9, 2012

Titanic centenary news stories

This week, I plan on doing a day-to-day posting of the Titanic’s maiden voyage, although I haven’t yet figured out what I will write on April 12-13, since those two days were relatively boring on board the ship. Since the ship’s maiden voyage didn’t begin until April 10, here’s a post you can refer back to as the week goes on for news stories around the world. Many news sites have Titanic sections where they link each new article as it goes up, so check back every day to see what’s been posted! I’ll try to add to this as I find things as well.

New York TImes

Irish Central 

  • They recently posted an article about Jeremiah Burke that adds a little more information to what I had in an earlier post.
  • Also, an article about Eugene Daly that includes his own account of the sinking, including his story about an officer shooting two men and then himself. It’s a pretty interesting read if you have the time.
  • A short article about Catherine Walsh, a 2nd Class Stewardess and one of the few female crew members to die in the sinking.
  • A profile of Nora Keane, one of Edwina Troutt’s roommates. Includes her first-hand account of the sinking.  Includes an interesting article listing some of the myths perpetuated by various films

The Liverpool Echo

The Guardian

The Telegraph

Huffington Post

The History Channel

Ottawa Citizen


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