Friday, August 26, 2011

It’s out!

Destined is finally available for sale!

Print: $9.99 at CreateSpace for now. It’s supposed to be on Amazon as well, but for some reason it hasn’t shown up there yet.

eBook: $2.99 for Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NOOK 

It’s also available for Kindle at Amazon UK and (in English)

I’m looking into getting a general ePub version available for those who have other types of readers.


*happy dance*


All in all, this was a relatively painless process.  Sure, formatting the books was time-consuming (I started seriously working on self-pubbing in late April), but it was fulfilling to see the finished product. My only complaint would be that once I finally hit that magic button to publish the book, the wait seemed to last forever. I think part of that was my own impatience, though.

The Kindle DTP site was fastest. Within less than 24 hours, the book was available on Amazon’s site for Kindle. It’s still a little weird to search for, though. It only seems to show up if you search for my name. When I do a search for “Destined,” I get a whole big list of books and mine is somewhere buried deep down in the list of results. I guess that’s what I get for using a single word as my title.

I uploaded my file to PubIt for Nook at the same time as the Kindle DTP file, but it only showed up on today. I was starting to wonder if it would ever show up there! So Nook took more like 72 hours. I don’t know if that’s the norm, or just my bad luck or what. But at least it’s there! I can’t say the same for CreateSpace. I published there on Wednesday as well (first thing in the morning, so sooner than the ebooks, which I did after work that afternoon), and while it’s available to purchase from CreateSpace directly, it has yet to show up on Amazon. From what I’ve been reading, it can take up to a week for that to happen, though most people seem to have seen theirs show up sooner than that. Again, my bad luck, probably.

Another tiny gripe with CreateSpace: they were always really quick to print and ship my proofs. Both times, it would ship less than 24 hours after I ordered it. But when I finally published, I ordered a small batch of books for myself (only 5 for now), and although I ordered it first thing Wednesday, they didn’t ship until today. So again with the waiting. IT’s not that big a deal, really. I guess I just got used to how quick they were with the proofs, and thought they’d be that fast all the time.

But like I said before, all in all, I’m happy with the publishing process. Now for the hard part: promotion. I’m still waiting for GoodReads to approve me as an author so I can set up a giveaway there. I’ll be sure to announce it here and on my website whenever that does happen. Everyone likes free books, right?


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